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The following information presented on behalf of the 26 transplant surgeons, 
Medical Directors and patient advocates on our Board of Directors. For more information, please download: 

The FAIR Foundation Concept for Organ Donation Reform: 
An Evidence Based Healthcare Initiative to Save Lives

Picture of Human Organ transport containerA patient dies every 48 minutes as a result of the shortage of organs resulting from the use of America's major organ-donor policy of altruism. The laudable efforts of thousands of organizations and billions of dollars spent to promote organ donation has, and is, profoundly failing to meet the demand for organs.

In addition to the 130,000+ on the waiting list, over 430,000 more patients are on kidney dialysis have not  been transplanted yet due to the shortage of organs
and long wait time. (430,273 is most recent total by the US Renal Data System but is only through 2011, the actual number is estimated to be closer to 500,000 now.)

Contact state and/or federal officials
to reverse America's organ-donor crisis

Please tell our elected officials you are in favor of financial incentives for living and deceased organ donations. Contact Congress to express express your support for trial projects of Financial Incentives (Fi) to increase organ donation.

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