Updated 2013 Statistics

One person dies every 48 minutes and 30 die every day as a result of the shortage of organs resulting
our government's use of the sole organ-donor policy of altruism. Those figures are calculated as follows:

525,600 11,070 = a death every 48 minutes

1,440 48 = 24 deaths per day

The number of minutes in a year, 525,600, is divided by the total deaths of those on
the waiting list (6,147) and those who were removed from the list because they were
too sick leading to their eventual death (4,923); the two combine for 11,070 total deaths.
The total minutes in a day, 1,440, divided by the 48 minutes gives the 24 deaths per day.

Despite the laudable efforts by thousands of non-profits to promote organ donation, the net result of
reliance on such efforts, registrations, etc. is a profound failure to meet the demand for organs. Simply
stated, there are not enough deceased donors nor enough living donors and therefore the government must
incentivize organ donation as stated below. The wait list will go to zero and all on dialysis will also have a kidney.

See data table below for 2011, 12 & 13 statistics.


Los Angeles Times, 6/18/09 Number of patients who die awaiting kidney reach a new high
[And obviously a new high is reached every day]

As of 4/7/14 ninety-six percent of all in need of an organ need a kidney. This includes approximately 500,000 patients
who are on dialysis plus the 99,991 patients on the 122,095 waiting list who also need a kidney. Fi (Financially
Incentivizing) organ donation to living kidney donors will provide the 96 percent and the remaining four percent
will be easily met because our Fi Act also provides Fi to deceased donor families, 24% of whom do not
donate at this time.

Kidneys are being rationed; younger patients are now being given the best kidneys with older patients
receiving less desirable kidneys that have a shorter life span.

In addition to the 99,991, another 430,273 renal patients are undergoing dialysis but they are not even listed yet.
The 430,273 is the latest update from the US Renal Database and it was for 2010. The actual 2013 number,
therefore, is closer to 500,000 renal patients in need of a new kidney.

Why Altruism will always fail to meet the demand for organs.

You can help us reverse this crisis by joining FAIR at the link in the header and by advocating for the solution
that will eliminate the waiting list and save hundreds of thousands of lives, Financial incentives (Fi), here.

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