The following information presented on behalf of the 26 transplant surgeons,
Medical Directors and patient advocates on our Board of Directors.

A patient dies every 48 minutes as a result of the shortage of organs
resulting from the use of America's major organ-donor policy of altruism.
The laudable efforts of thousands of organizations and billions of dollars spent to
promote organ donation has, and is, profoundly failing to meet the demand for organs.

In addition to the 123,200+ on the waiting list, 430,273 more patients are on kidney dialysis have not
 been transplanted yet due to the shortage of organs and long wait time. (430,273 is most recent total
by the US Renal Data System but is only through 2011 so the actual number is closer to 500,000 now.)

To help reverse America's organ-donor crisis, please help us. Contact Congress by clicking here to express
express your support for trial projects of Financial Incentives (Fi) to increase organ donation. At that link
you will be greeted with our template letter and easy-to-use zip code technology to assist you. Listed for
viewing are many physicians and organ-donor advocates in favor of trial projects of Financial Incentives

82 percent of those on the waiting list need a kidney, therefore that percent of the waiting list and hundreds of thousand on dialysis would be transplanted quickly with Fi because that organ can come from living donors who would respond strongly to such significant financial incentives.

Why Altruism will always fail to meet the demand for organs.

When the National Organ Transplant Act was passed in 1984 to prevent payment for organs, UNOS had
no waiting list and it was not until 1989 that one was started---it reached only 19,095 patients by 12/31
of that year. With over 123,200+ dying souls now waiting, can we morally justify living donors and deceased
donor families from donation benefits while others reap substantial profits from their body organs, tissues and cells?


Australians to begin using Financial Incentives to increase donation--kudos! Story

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