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October is Liver Awareness Month

Your liver is the second largest organ in the body. The liver is responsible for turning what you eat and drink into energy and nutrients for your body. 

Over 30 million people have one form or another of liver disease
and those numbers are on the rise.

Anyone who has had a blood transfusion before 1992 or experience with intravenous drug use could be infected with Hepatitis B or C and not even know it. The virus, a blood borne illness, causes few symptoms until the liver is already damaged. Viral Hepatitis is one category of over 500 different liver diseases. Liver disease is progressive and often results in the need for a liver transplant. 

The need for transplant organs in the U.S. is now a life-or-death crisis:
120,000 Americans await a kidney, liver, heart, or other organs.

All too often, that organ never comes because there are fewer than 16,000 organ donors annually in our country. Due to the shortage of kidneys alone, there are over a 100,000 patients on the transplant waiting list and another half a million people with renal conditions who languish on dialysis for years, many of whom would thrive with a kidney transplant.

In the last decade, over 7000 Americans died each year while waiting for a life-saving organ. That’s more than 20 needless deaths each day. Our goal is to change healthcare policy to create more organs for transplant.

Funds are needed for our patient support, education and advocacy efforts. We ask that you help us through your tax deductible contribution.


https://www.amsety.com/Another way to contribute is through the purchase of Amsety Nutritional Bars, the first nutritional bar formulated for liver health. 5% of the proceeds from Amsety sales will be donated to the FAIR Foundation to help fund its Liver Disease and Transplant Support Group.

Thank you for helping us save lives and please don’t forget to
register as an organ donor at http://www.organdonor.gov.

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